Providing Automatic Shrink Wrap Solutions
Since 1990

Extreme Packaging Machinery located in Rancho Santa Margarita, California is the leader in design and manufacture of high performance, low maintenance automatic shrink wrap machines, shrink tunnels, and automated infeed systems. Extreme is known for innovation and building machines that are the longest lasting most reliable horizontal shrink wrap systems on the factory floor.

Revolutionary NEW Edge Sealer from Extreme

Zero is the only edge sealer on the market that eliminates film waste. Zero consumes the lowest amount of shrink film compared to any side sealer on the market. Zero is a radical shift in design, combining the versatility of a side sealer with the zero film waste of a lap sealer; In many applications Zero can consume less film than a lap sealer.

Our product category includes continuous motion wrappers, both side seal and lap seal models, servo rotary wrappers, shrink tunnels, and conveyors and infeeds. Horizontal shrink wrappers are used to wrap products in a variety of packaging including  trays, and rolls. We have extensive experience in building machines for a wide spectrum of applications including food, beverage, consumer, industrial, print, and many other applications that require high performance, continuous motion shrink wrap systems.

Extreme's products are easy to use, heavy duty, reliable, and high performance systems that can run 24/7. We work with customers in a broad spectrum of industries and wide range of applications. Extreme has strong relationships with a nationwide network of packaging distributors that can meet your sales and service needs regardless of where you are located. Extreme's mission is to provide the highest quality high performance automatic shrink wrap systems that exceed your expectations and lower your overall packaging costs. All shrink wrap systems are built in the USA with quality components to give our customers the benefit of long lasting low maintenance machines.

Extreme NextGen side sealers can save 2-4" of film width per product compared to wrappers where the film path is under the infeed. Contact us to review how we can lower your packaging costs.
shrink film savings

Extreme Benefit Advantage

  • Direct Drives

    All Extreme wrappers have Direct Drives. Direct Drives virtually eliminate maintenance associated with chains, sprockets, linkages, and pulleys for years of trouble free, smooth, and quiet operation.
  • Superior Quality

    Extreme machines are engineered and built to last. Our frame is 2" x 4 1/4" thick welded tubular stainless steel. Our seal carriage rides on 1" diameter hardened linear bearings. From motors, to servos, chassis, wiring, and everything else that goes into building wrappers, tunnels, and infeeds, we use the highest quality components for maximum longevity.
  • High Performance

    From speeds of 20 to 200+ packages per minute, one shift to 24/7 operation, Extreme shrink wrap systems offer maximum performance, versatility, and value.
  • Minimum Film Consumption

    Extreme NextGen side sealer, dancer bar design, and film path over the infeed conveyor can save you 2-4 inches of film width compared to those wrappers where the film path is under the infeed.